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Have a problem with your feet? Give Podiatric Premium in 6470 Newtown a call to get all your foot-related problems treated, including the following:
  • Fractures and sprains - One of the most common injuries that could happen to the feet in everyday life.
  • Bunions - The big toe bends abnormally towards the other toes.
  • Hammertoes - The middle joint of the toe bends abnormally.
  • Nail disorders - Instead of growing out, some parts of the nail grow into the toe.
  • Diabetes - Diabetes can be detrimental to the patients in the sense that their feet do not receive enough blood and the cells might start dying, and amputation of the feet would be the final resort to save their lives. While diabetes does not always warrant the amputation of the feet, it is crucial to get the patients' feet inspected during the early stages of diabetes.
  • Arthritis - Inflammation and swelling of joints which typically affects older people.
  • Growing pains - Some kids might have growing problems with their feet, such as feet that point inward and toes that do not line up.
  • Heel pain - This is a common problem faced by women who wear high heels or unfitting shoes for a prolonged period of time.
While some problems such as occasional pain might go away by itself after some time, it is better to be safe than sorry and just consult a podiatrist to get your foot checked thoroughly. Call Podiatric Premium to make an appointment now.

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