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Have a problem with your feet? Give Podiatric Premium in 6468 Monroe a call to get all your foot-related problems treated, including the following:
  • Fractures and sprains - One of the most common injuries that could happen to the feet in everyday life.
  • Bunions - The joint at the base of the big toe becomes enlarged or misaligned.
  • Hammertoes - The joint at the toes do not bend properly.
  • Nail disorders - Instead of growing out, some parts of the nail grow into the toe.
  • Diabetes - A medical condition that could affect the blood delivery to the feet, and ultimately causing the foot to be amputated if left untreated. A podiatrist can help to prevent that, so it's essential for patients who are in the early stages of diabetes to get their feet inspected.
  • Arthritis - Inflammation and swelling of joints which typically affects older people.
  • Growing pains - This mainly affects growing kids, where their feet point inward and toes do not line up.
  • Heel pain - This is a common problem faced by women who wear high heels or unfitting shoes for a prolonged period of time.
While some problems such as occasional pain might go away by itself after some time, it is better to be safe than sorry and just consult a podiatrist to get your foot checked thoroughly. Call Podiatric Premium to make an appointment now.

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