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A unique biological approach to candida with lasting results.

Candida naturally occurs in small numbers within the intestinal tract. Under normal and healthy conditions, candida aids in digestion and nutrient absorption. In today’s modern lifestyle and dietary habits, candida or fungal overgrowth is very common, leading to digestive issues such as gas and bloating and overall health conditions including skin and nail fungal infections, exhaustion and fatigue, vaginal infections, and allergies.

Join Heather Schofield, B.Sc., DHMHS as she discusses how to reduce candida, yeast and fungal overgrowth. Using European Biological Medicine principles, the key to eliminating candida and fungal overgrowth is to optimize the intestinal conditions and support a self-regulating environment within the body. Three major pillars for treating candida, candidiasis and fungal conditions using biological medicine are 1) reduce candida and fungus, 2) replenish healthy intestinal bacteria, and 3) rebalance normal acid-base (pH) levels. This leads to a healthy gut with balanced intestinal flora, proper digestion and a strong immune system – all the while naturally keeping candida and fungal levels in check.