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Get back to the basics of Rubimed therapy with Heather Schofield, B.Sc., DHMHS, who will share practical tips and clinical pearls gathered from over 10 years of Rubimed experience. This webinar is ideal for both practitioners new to Rubimed therapy and experienced therapists.

Rubimed therapy gets to the core issues, improves energy levels and restores health for the long run. The journey towards optimal health needs compassion, encouragement, understanding of the process, and knowledge of specific supportive therapies for patient success.

This webinar will cover information including:

  • Dosing
  • Sensitive patients
  • Side effects, detoxification and healing reactions
  • Testing: patients that are ‘tough’ to test, serious testing errors, follow-up testing and confirmation the conflict is resolved
  • Conflict resolution: hazards of retesting in the middle of treatment, why patients improve and then seem to regress, the typical healing pathway of the old unresolved emotional conflict
  • Alcohol: intricacies of prescribing alcohol-containing remedies
  • Testing Results: interpretation of results, how to discuss results with patients
  • The Central Conflict
  • Acute Remedies: clinical observations correlated to the acute remedies
  • How to initially introduce Rubimed therapy to patients
  • Plus other useful tips and techniques to ensure patients keep on tract and achieve great success

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