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The body is dynamic and strives to maintain homeostasis, including acid-base balance. Each system of the body has its own physiological pH value and when the tissue or organ varies too far from that pH range, becomes susceptible to dysfunction. An acidic milieu contributes to inflammation, reactions (ex. allergies), toxic build-up and tendency towards chronic conditions. In turn, a proper acid-base balance in the body promotes regulation and regeneration, leading to good health and wellbeing. Join Heather Schofield as she discusses the ‘Art of Alkalizing’. Information will be shared on how to easily achieve acid-base balance, with review of testing procedures and the type of information that can derived from practical in-office pH testing techniques (including urine, saliva, and BTA). Straightforward acid-base protocols and diet will be detailed, for easy incorporate into practice and ensuring successful patient results. 

Discussion and practical tips for:

  • Urinary, salivary and blood pH ranges
  • Information derived from urine, saliva and blood pH
  • Acid-base testing techniques
  • Milieu modulation with lactic acid, citric acid and formic acid
  • The role digestion plays in acid-base balance
  • Salivary pH Acid Challenge

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