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Subject:  Keeping Germs as Bay: Pleo Sanum
                  Essentials for Cold and Flu season
Speakers:  Heather Schofield, B.Sc, DHMHS
                     Lesia Goloida, MD, DHMHS
                     Dr. Manon Lavoie, DC


It’s that time of year again…. cold and flu season! What better way to keep germs at bay, than with the use of powerful Pleo Sanum remedies.

Join us as we discuss how to effectively use Pleo Sanum remedies to fight and prevent bacterial and viral conditions. Safely address acute infections (including strep) and inflammation without the use of traditional antibiotics or side effects! Clinical pearls will be shared and simple techniques will be revealed on how to use nasal lavage, the nebulizer and the Pleo Sanum ointments effectively against infections. Make sure you prepare your patients for when winter symptoms strike!

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