Kinetic energy by definition is the energy of an object in motion. In the human body, our muscles convert chemical (ATP) energy into the energy of motion. When energy output is enhanced, greater athletic performance and recuperation from chronic exhaustion conditions can successfully be achieved.

Join Angela Anoliefoh, MSc. as she discusses how to optimize energy output in a wide spectrum of patients: from recuperation and exhaustion fatigue (chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout) to high performance athletes and recreational exercise (joggers, gym goers, weekend warriors). Understanding each type of patient will determine which therapeutic considerations are required to optimize their individual energy output. Drawing on her clinical experience, Angela will outline strategies including the psychological mindset, detoxification, acid-base balance, increasing energy production within the body, regeneration and repair, sleep, improved recovery time, how to safely use theromogenics and fat burners, and optimizing energy output. The recipe for success for your patients: its about the mind and body, and giving it what it needs to perform.

This webinar will cover information including:

  • Psychological mindset behind performance
  • Muscle fatigue and recovery
  • What to do at the beginning of a program: BMI, detox, hydration, nutrition
  • Testosterone and Steroids
  • Combating burnout and adrenal fatigue
  • Treatment protocols and ideal supplementation
  • Recipes for natural sports drinks, fat burners and protein cookies
  • Training and Competition: how to optimize energy output before, during and after

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