Practitioner Referral Request

Are you looking for a practitioner? We refer two different types of practitioners: Biological Medicine Practitioners and Rubimed (PSE) Therapists.

Biological Medicine is a scientifically based system of holistic therapy that specifically addresses the natural complexity of the body’s interior ecological system, often referred to as the milieu or biological terrain. In a broad sense, Biological Medicine can be described as any therapeutic practice that works in harmony with the natural capabilities of the body to restore the capacity for regulation, regeneration, adaptation and self-healing. 

Rubimed (PSE) Is a revolutionary natural healing modality that combines ancient healing knowledge with modern complementary medicine and psychology.  Using natural remedies, Rubimed (PSE) addresses emotional issues and how these issues affect a person’s physical and mental health, without the need to go through ‘talk therapy’.  

If you are looking for a practitioner who works with either of these modalities, please fill out the following form. We will send you the contact information for a relevant practitioner in your area.

This form is for U.S. residents, if you live in Canada please use the practitioner referral request form.

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