Terra-Medica Pleo Sanum Rubimed Remedies USA

Vancouver pharmacist, Mr. Harlan Lahti, established Terra Medica in 2003. Terra-Medica is the sister company to Biomed International Products Corporation which was born to be the Canadian wholesale distributor for Mr. Lahti’s ‘Finlandia Pharmacy’, a 30-year success story that has become a model for natural pharmacies across Canada.

Mr. Terry Cotter, BSc is the President of Biomed International (Canada) and Terra-Medica (USA) and brings to these companies leadership experiences in corporate business development, government policy development, industry associations, science and community NGOs. Terry arrived at Biomed in 2009 and has since become dedicated to enhancing and strengthening the practitioner peer network.

Terra-Medica products are a reflection of the patient’s health plan as a ‘system’ that is preventative, integrated and individualized in its scope. The Terra-Medica catalog provides components of naturopathic treatment ‘systems’:

Terra-Medica Supplements: are unique formulations that contain clinically proven ingredients and are targeted to achieve therapeutic compliance and efficacy.

terra medica pleo-sanum rubimed biological medicine

Rubimed™ Remedies (PSE): are energy medicine products from Germany used in Europe and North America. These homeopathic products are clinically shown to resolve the depleting health impacts of past psychological traumata and stress.

Pleo® Sanum products by Sanum-Kehlbeck: are the original isopathicand homeopathic biological medicines from Germany. These products provide a broad spectrum medical alternative that is not antibiotic or hormone based while effectively delivering acute and chronic care.


Exclusive distributor of the original German Pleo® Sanum biological medicine products and Rubimed™ Remedies - natural remedies for emotional issues.